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Comic for: May 29th, 2007
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Woody & Ted: "Typity Typity"
Posted: Tuesday May 29th, 2007 by

After yesterday's comic, you knew as well as I did that a follow up was innevitable. And maybe I just have a low opinion of Mr. Moore's "idea" of promotion thus far. But, I find myself thinking, you know, he'd probably think it was a fine idea, chalk it up as viral marketing, and get a temporary tattoo to demonstrate his brilliance on the matter.

Now, I know the guy is just trying to move his product. And, I don't fault him for that. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say I admire his passion, because he wears it on his sleeve, openly and unapologetically. But, as I indicated above, I have been completely unimpressed with his with his I ideas of promotion and marketing.

I would like to remind those of you reading this that... Peter Moore hasn't done anything in the last few days that warrants this little examination/opinion piece. It all stems from one piece of spam that he has nothing to do with... I hope.


Note: Peter Moore is Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division.

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