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Comic for: December 20th, 2006
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GU Gaming Awards: "Grand Theft Pluto"
Posted: Wednesday December 20th, 2006 by

GU's 2006 Game of the Year is: The IAU's* Grand Theft Pluto.
[Barely beating out "Jack Thompson's Pocket Pool" for the top spot.]

Okay so I made it up. But, I figured it was just as valid a selection as anything else out there vying for top honors.

Year in and year out I see the same sites handing the same awards to the same kinds of games and game developers. Innovation, though sometimes being nominated, fails to walk offstage toting whatever piece of faux-golden tchotchke is being offered up as an indication of accomplishment.

To a certain degree I can see the value of awards shows as they seem to give studios something to shoot for. But at the same time they do nothing to hamper the overwhelming number of lackluster testements to regurgitated gaming mediocrity.

Now, I'm not looking to take anything away from SOME of the games that have won this year. I just wanted to take a minute to shine a spotlight on award riddled smoke the industry blows up its own ass each year. Well, that and to draw Ted in a frilly tux.

So, I guess the direction of this thread should be, what games do YOU guys feel deserve awards?

Editted to Add:
Apparently some folks out there have no idea why Pluto is in the game name. Earlier this year there was a great deal of talk about downgrading Pluto's status as a planet, as scientists and astronomers believe it's little more than a big ball of ice. Until such time as the definition of "planet" is refined and solidified, Pluto's classification is split; It's a planet/TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object). The International Astronomical Union will make the ultimate decision on the definition and thus determine whether Pluto is a "planet" or not. So, "Grand Theft Pluto" is a reference to that particular bit of history altering news.

* International Astronimical Union
[Sorry about the severely late comic. Loads of snow seems to be causing problems with my intenet connectivity.]

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