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Comic for: November 13th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Continuing Issues"
Posted: Monday November 13th, 2006 by

Let me start with an apology to you, the readers. I didn't expect to do a non-gaming comic today. But, guess what issue is back? Computer is fine fine fine... turn on DAoC, the computer crashes crashes crashes. To say I'm a little disgruntled is probably an understatement.

I mean, I took my computer in, waited several days to get it back (hindering my ability to produce comics), paid for what I thought was a "fixed" computer. And here I am a couple of weeks later, minus the money, and having the exact same problems.

I don't think that by itself would be cause for me to feel grumpy. But, after I got my computer back, I was pleased enough with the customer service that I took in my malfunctioning laptop. I paid a considerable amount of money for labor, saved/restored data, and a replacement harddrive (since it was corruption on the harddrive that was causing problems). They had restored everything... except a couple of key drivers. I'd roll my eyes harder here, but I still have work to do.

Sooo... I've got to call data doctors today, and see what they can do to make me not angry about the seemingly wasted cash.

I love computers... no really I do.

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