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Comic for: November 10th, 2006
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World of Warcraft: "Dating Burning Crusade"
Posted: Friday November 10th, 2006 by

Blizzard Entertainment annouced yesterday (11/9) that they would be releasing "The Burning Crusade", the first expansion to their MMOG monster-hit World of Warcraft, on January 16th in the US and Europe, January 17th in Australia and New Zealand, and "in a similar time frame" / "the near future" in Korea, Singapore, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
Source: Gamespot [ more info ]
Okay, so maybe I don't really consider this news, which may be apparent considering the comic, but it seemed like every other source of gaming news doesn't agree. And, for some odd reason they all picked the same useless headline.

I freely admit that I tend to be a bit anal about how words are used, and what words are elipted. And, I certainly understand that news headlines need to be as brief as possible while simultaneously garnering as much attention as they can. But for some of us who tend to take things at face value, and happen to be "burdened" by an overactive imagination... headlines can come across far more interesting than they were intended to be.

Then again, it may be because I'm cynical, given to sarcasm, irony, and have a penchat for eye rolling.
Hmm... **taps chin**

Alright, before I spin off into an unassociated tangent...
I'd venture a guess that all of you know what WoW and the Burning Crusade expansion are. So, we can definitely talk about those if you like, but since it's somewhat relevant given the theme of the comic, what are some of the best/worst pickup lines you've ever heard? (Bonus points if you used them yourself.)

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