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Comic for: June 26th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Of Dust and Wit"
Posted: Monday June 26th, 2006 by

Taks and I went to the Colorado Rennaisance Festival this weekend. I was pretty happy with the setup, permanent houses, etc. It reminded me a lot of Bristol in Wisconsin.

At the gate the ticket taker made a clever little quip about me wearing a hat when Taks had none. So... I gave her my hat. All's well, move forward. Taks gave me back my hat and I put it on backwards, which I usually ONLY do when I'm at home. Move forward another 15 feet and this Faire-working chucklenut gives me crap for wearing the hat backwards. It was Taks' day so... unlike the comic I stiffled my need to offer a sharp tongued response.

Now, let's talk about some elements of this guys rude commentary. Number one, I corrected his innaccurate quip. He basically offered a "joke" comparing my hat to a spoiler, but he got the reason for a spoiler wrong. Didn't annoy me any less though.

It's my understanding that these folks are not supposed to break character. Making a joke about technology that didn't exist during the renaissance... out of character.

It's usually not a good idea to be rude to people who have paid to visit your Faire. Now, I remember a guy at Bristol who was rude to the patrons of the Faire, BUT... only if you paid him to do so. You put money in his little wooden box, he got everyone's attention near by, then laid waste to the person you paid him to criticize. Big difference.

Soooo yeah. I didn't appreciate the guy's commentary. The rest of the Faire was alright though. So, don't let yourself be biased against the Colorado Renaissance Faire just because I took exception to one guy's attempt at wit.


Sorry about the color flats. I didn't have any good joke ideas last night, and had to "come up with something" when I got up this morning. I should have the full color comic up soon.

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