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Comic for: June 23rd, 2006
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Gaming News: "Hottest Boycott"
Posted: Friday June 23rd, 2006 by

Recently the WSVG [World Series of Video Gaming] announced they would be running a Miss WSVG contest, regional competitions would ve held at their various events. Contestants would be asked to state their favorite video game, but no evidence would need to be offered to prove they had ever even played it, or any game for that matter. The ladies of the FragDolls and the PMS Clan boycotted the first competition and staged their own "Mr. WSVG Competition."
Source: Game Spot [ more info ]

I don't think there's much I need to say about the comic. So, I'll move directly to spouting my useless opinion on the whole matter.

I don't have any issues with the Frag Dolls, or the PMS Clan. I think it's awesome that there are female gamers out there grabbing hold of their place in the gaming world. But, I find it moderately hypocritical for them to lash out at the WSVG for holding a Miss WSVG Competition where the competitors aren't really required to be avid gamers. See the FragDolls do not pick new members solely on gaming prowess themselves. New members are judged on looks as well. Why? New member has to be marketable, and in most cases includes being visually appealing. The requirement of being able to play video games well is, however, why I used the word "moderately" and not "completely".

Now, where it would be cool if the WSVG DID use gaming prowess as part of their decision making process, I don't see why they should have to. Just because they are a game-related entity does not mean that contestants in a WSVG sponsored beauty pagent should HAVE to be gamers. These guys just want to put pretty ladies on the stage since, well, their events are geared primarily toward guys. And, where that does annoy because it objectifies women for the purpose of selling tickets, I can't exactly argue with the fact that it's an opt-in proposition for the contestants. Meaning, the ladies volunteered to compete.

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