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Comic for: May 16th, 2006
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Gaming News: "PS3 Pricepoint"
Posted: Tuesday May 16th, 2006 by

A few months ago SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) head Ken Kutaragi proudly proclaimed that Sony's next-gen console would be so expensive some folks would need to get a second job to afford it. Now, after the PS3 pricepoint has been set at $499/$599, Kutaragi has deemed the machine "too cheap".
Source: Game Daily [ more info ]

I'm not one of those folks that believe a company should accept massive losses on a product just to bring it to market (a la the Xbox 360). But, there's a point where the cost to produce a game console could make it a tad unpalatable to consumers expecially if someone rubs it in.

Now, Sony has never been shy about putting expensive price tags on their products. Look at the PSP. But, to precede those expensive price tags with comments about how we'll have to get another job to afford it and following the highest gaming pricepoints we've ever seen with an exclamation that it's "too cheap", that shows a severe lack of tact.

And, Kutaragi has always made comments like this. It's probably why he was demoted from executive deputy president last year. I'm just surprised he hasn't been completely cut loose yet.

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