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Comic for: May 15th, 2006
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Gaming News: "NCSoft Temper Tantrum"
Posted: Monday May 15th, 2006 by

I don't usually let personal bias taint the opening news section of a writeup but... here's an exception.

Friday May 12th, the Electronic Software Association (ESA), owners and operators of E3, fined NCSoft $5000 for violations against expo regulations. More specifically, they dinged NCSoft for being too loud. Fred Schmidt, NCSoft's Vice President of Strategic Development, followed the notification of the fine by taking the stage attached to their booth that they'd been using to host the very live, very loud band Mutaytor. In an unprofessional grown-up version of a temper tantrum, he slammed SEGA for monitoring the NCSoft booth with decibel meters, and then threatened to take his ball and go home by saying he was unsure that NCSoft would come back to E3. Schmidt then ended his hissy fit by holding a credit card aloft saying if E3 show management wanted his money they'd have to come and take it.
Source: Gamespot [ more info ]

For two years in a row now South Hall has been transformed into a near ear-splitting cacophony of booths blasting sound louder and louder to compete with each other as much as to vie for attendee attention. My understanding is that South Hall has been louder than the other halls; so, I'm not about to blame this all on NCSoft. But, the noise is an obvious problem. It's so loud it almost hurts.

That being said, the booths have to be held responsible. How could they not? So, some executive type getting up whine and threaten not to return to E3 because they got caught on rule violations is ridiculous. His antics, at least in my opinion, are irresponsible and childish. If NCSoft returns next year, I hope they leave this guy behind and send someone a bit more mentally mature in his place.

Please note, I accept the noise as being a part of the convention. (I'm taking ear plugs next year.) Hell, I could have even respected NCSoft's decision to break the rules if they'd just accepted the fine as part of their convention costs. But an executive being unprofessional on an extremely public stage? Not acceptable.

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