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Comic for: April 26th, 2006
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At the Movies: "No-So-Silent Hill"
Posted: Wednesday April 26th, 2006 by

For those of you that got grumpy with me for doing a comic about a game I hadn't played... turn away for now I shall commit the sin of talking about a movie I haven't seen. BUM BUM BUMMMMMMM! The horror... the horror.

I wanted the reviews of Silent Hill to extol its virtues. I wanted the critics to reach forth to the heavens and tell us that game-based movies had been redeemed. It didn't happen. Dammit.

Where I'd like to dismiss mainstream critics out of hand, I can't. They may not grasp the plot nuances a Silent Hill fanboy might. But, they do grasp the nuances of movie production. And, the general consensus is that the plot and dialogue in Silent Hill (the movie) just isn't that good.

And the fanboys, well, they are fond of labeling Silent Hill "the best game-to-movie adaptation yet". But, honestly is that really saying anything? I struggle to recall a game-to-movie translation that, in my mind, was anything more than mediocre popcorn fair.

So, if we weed out the staunch critics and the steadfast fanboys, we're left with a significant number of people commenting on the movie's rambling. And, that's where the comic comes in.

I'd like to tell you folks that I'll go to the movie and come back with my own review. But, honestly, I don't enjoy going to the movie theatre. It takes something truly special to convince me otherwise. These days the movie to dvd turn around is so short, waiting isn't much of an inconvenience.

So please, if you've been to see it, please feel free to tell us what you thought.

Now, if you'll pardom me, I'm going to do a comic about food I've never eaten and a book I never read.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing an "Urban Goddess" t-shirt from Threadless.com and it has nothing to do with semi-exposed boobies, I swear.

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