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Comic for: April 7th, 2006
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Oblivion: "Uhmm... no thanks."
Posted: Friday April 7th, 2006 by

There are many aspects about Oblivion that I find to be absolutely beautiful: lighting, landscape, armor. I love it. But, there are aspects of the game that make my stomache try to hide behind my kidneys. The biggest offender came last night while playing.

I traveled to this little city called Anvil, and the town's men were being uhh... plagued... by a band of female thieves that would lure men out to their cabin then steal all their goods. The men, being ashamed of what happened, wouldn't report the incident to the authorities. So, I was charged with dispatching the sirens. I waited patiently in the local pub until I was approached by the "seductress".

The problem is that Oblivion, striving to be super realistic, made the faces too detailed. The extra, unnecessary details, made the faces (men and women alike) ugly. If you back away from the computer 10 feet they're fine. They're just as beautiful as the rest of the game. But, when you're sitting at your desk and can see every little detail... oof.

So when this lady offered herself and her friends to "keep me awake", I grimaced. Amusing part to me was that she was the most attractive character model I'd seen in the game.

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