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Comic for: April 6th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Confusing"
Posted: Thursday April 6th, 2006 by

The word fan is abbreviated from the word fanatic that carries no positive or negative qualifiers. So accepting fandom can sometimes be a confusing proposition.

Yesterday NetDevil, developers of Auto Assault, played host to a Studio Tour for press folks and a fan gathering afterword. And, it was a somewhat interesting evening for me. NetDevil was the first game development studio I've been to that didn't have a GU strip somewhere in the building. This wasn't altogether unexpected. As a matter of fact I predicted it before hand.

Once we got out to the fan event though, two of the NetDevil folks came up to say "Oh! You're the guy that does GU!" I found it amusing. Other folks that talked to me that night though... had no clue who I was. They all gave me that same blank nod, acknowledging my existance, but having never been to the site, they had no idea what to say next.

So yeah, the opportunity for someone to ACTUALLY tell me I'm not funny just wasn't there. The odds were against it. But, that kind of sentiment isn't uncommon in emails and PMs. It doesn't bother me... I just find it really interesting.

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