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Comic for: February 16th, 2005
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Knights of the Old Republic II: "Heartburn ... Darkside"
Posted: Wednesday February 16th, 2005 by

Well, a few of you have littered my inbox with whining about the lack of KOTOR comics and asked me repeatedly if there would be any KOTOR 2 comics. Well... there you go? A KOTOR 2 comic. Happy?

Sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the game, but it's got the games name up there in the title; so, that makes it okay right?

Now, I read the review of this game over at Gamespot. And, honestly it's not something I'm really interested in. I'll rent it. **shrugs** But, no promises of further KOTOR strips. Unless of course I find another demi-clever way to bastardize an over used Star Wars quote.

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