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Comic for: March 28th, 2006
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StarCraft: Ghost: "Putting Ghost on Hold"
Posted: Tuesday March 28th, 2006 by

A few days ago Blizzard announced it would be putting Starcraft:Ghost on hold indefinitely. Blizzard president and cofounder, Mike Morhaime, referred to the postponement as a review period that would allow the company to explore the potential of next-gen platforms and lay the groundwork for future console games.
Source: Gamspot [ more info ]

Sending the game to the zapper just wasn't brutal enough. And where I know Mike isn't directly responsible... it wouldn't be a political cartoon without bloodying the hands of someone in Blizzard's upper echelon. So, Morhaime choking the life out of Nova just seemed somehow appropriate. Initially, I didn't want to put the names in there. But, the charicature of Mike Morhaime isn't strong enough to really stand on its own. So... I had to fold on that point.

Now, I've been following Ghost since mid 2003. At the time, it was slated for release later that year. Blizzard then moved the release date into 2004 to give themselves adequate time to deliver the best game they could. Then they switched developers pushing the release date into 2005. Then they bought out the new developer, Swingin' Ape. And, despite a terrific response to the game at E3 and BlizzCon, here we sit, watching as the game drops off the charts.

I wanted to play the game when it was just a stealther. I still wanted to play it when they changed the focus to be more of an interactive stealth/shooter. I REALLY wanted to play it when they said hero characters from the other factions would be playable. And after seeing the demos at BlizzCon, my fingers were starting to itch. It looked so ready to go. Like it would just be a matter of months before it went gold.

Needless to say, this news kinda upset me. And, Taks, who has Nova as her desktop, was darn near devastated.

This could very well cost Blizzard its spot on my Christmas List.

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