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Comic for: May 27th, 2004
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EverQuest: "Order Omens"
Posted: Thursday May 27th, 2004 by

Now, I was going to hold this comic off until Friday, but I'm moving YET AGAIN.. so there likely won't be a new comic again until Tuesday.

So, this HAD to go up tonight. It's GU's 701st comic, and it's the FIRST animated one.

I think you'll people will get the idea immediately, but just incase someone misses it...

SOE pops the Omens of War pre-order up on the EQ login screen whether you've preordered the game already or not. And, if you skip it, chances are next time they'll flip which side the button is on, so they can sucker you into pre-ordering the expansion because you didn't pay enough attention.

What you see in the comic is the next logical step then...
Every time you try to skip the Order button... it changes to the Order button anyway!

What? I thought it was funny.

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