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Comic for: May 28th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "On The Move"
Posted: Friday May 28th, 2004 by

I'm making another big move, and I just want everyone to be aware of the fact that I will NOT be able to post new comics from the road. So there likely won't be any new GU's until Tuesday or Thursday.

I apologize, but moves are part of my life. **grins**

I kind of like all the moving actually. I've seen more of the world than lots of other people my age. I'm happy with the people that surround me and the people that help me. This is a really good move for ME and GU.

I see you guys in a few days.

Please try to be kind to each other in my absence. Once this is posted, I'm taking apart my computer to be packed... since... you know... Ted doesn't exist to slow me up.

(you'll understand that joke once the comic shows up)

I'm wearing Split Reason's "PC Fundamentals" shirt in today's comic.

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