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Comic for: May 21st, 2004
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City of Heroes: "The Citizens"
Posted: Friday May 21st, 2004 by

In watching someone play City of Heroes, it tickles my funny bone every time I see a Paragon City Citizen go running as if they are a lady from a 50's cartoon, waving her hands about, fleeing a mouse. Hell I half expect them to leap up on park benches, trashcans, etc squeeling out EEEK's.

Now, usually the citizens take off running from thugs and bad guys. But it's that arm-waving, high-stepping flight that sends me into giggle fits and providing my own commentary.

But, there are other times when you see citizens running about, and you never find what caused them to take off running. No one else is around... just you and the fleeing citizen. So, I'm convinced the citizens just run from everything.

Hell, who know what nefarious devices evil masterminds could be hiding in the form of a balled up piece of paper blowing across the road... right?

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