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Comic for: June 12th, 2009
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Artwork: "The Original Vhah"
Posted: Friday June 12th, 2009 by

As I mentioned in yesterday's writeup, I was introduced to EQ by a co-worker who had seen my fanasy artwork and figured I might like the game. So, I bought it, played for a few minutes, then turned the game off calling it "an FPS with swords". Jamie (the co-worker) convinced me to give it another go, and that time it stuck. I created a barbarian warrior named Vhah on a PvP server (Vallon Zek) because I had no idea what "PvP" meant. I picked it because of the low population.

I was level 12, running around in Blackburrow, before I got PKed the first time. I know "level 12" sounds low but, back then, level 20 was an accomplishment. Anyway, I was destroyed by two halflings who took my money and my chest piece. The same guys killed me a few more times in the week or so after that. It go really frustrating; but, I was hooked. That's when I drew the first pre-GU Vhah.

I drew up an ogre, a troll, and a dark elf around the same time.

Shortly after I did these, I joined Free Norrath. This lent me a modicum of safety. And the guild chatter innevitably lead to the creation of the comic. As I've mentioned before I simplified my art style a LOT, because that's what I thought a cartoon was. GU was picked up by EQ Answers shortly after that, and the rest is "history".

I only lasted 20 more levels before I left VZ behind me and rerolled on Prexus.

Now, here's the bit you didn't know. Shortly after I started doing GU for Free Norrath, I considered doing my own web comic centered in the taletop gaming world, featuring my two best friends and I. It was going to be called 6d9. (Yeah that's a tabletop gamer inside joke, so what?) And, it would move back and forth between us in the real world and our characters in the game world. Each of us went by nicknames and our game world character were the characters we played the most back in our AD&D days.

Here's a look at the initial artwork concepts for 6d9.
Head Study

Because of the relative success of GU, this is as far as the idea ever got. What do you think? Did I make the right choice?

You guys mull that over, I'll see you Monday!

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