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Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Tuesday October 16th, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
1) UI-- there are some amazingly bad UI's out there. Considering that all our time is spent interacting with it a good, thought out UI will probably do a LOT to keep first timers in.

I would suspect that 90% of those who cancle after the first month did so because they did not know how to interact with the universe and did not know to check the web for help.

So UI!

Frankly I have always favored warriors...so I will look strongly at combat systems--there is no problem having complex, interactive systems, but don't pull EQ's Strength work just like it does in every other RPG and then don't have it effect to hit.

Content...consentrate on the lowbie stuff when you launch. I have no doubt, like every other MMOG so far, people will level faster than you can add content, but everyone will see the lowbie stuff and you do have some time to get the high level stuff out.

Considering how much LONGER most people play MMOGs (days instead of hours--most 1 player games are no more than 60 hours, Kailyn has 150 DAYS on her) its not the graphics that will keep players coming back...

Though bad graphics (ones which interfear with game play) can drive people away.

At least starting off, quick leveling which produces a visible difference in power. (Yes I felt mighty when I could reliably kill a polarbear in EF at 3rd...)

Parts of the game should be HARD (which is different from Impossible or crule), so that not every player can get to everything in game. EQ I think has gone a little to far in this direction, as most of POP is not avalible to non-raiders, but the idea is right. (If there is no goal for the players to achive, why will the achivement driven players come back...?)

In someways I think the Vision had good ideas, as your player base will eventually push a game into an unballanced state with minimal challenges.

Know how you systems work...so do you don't end up with things like the Moss Covered Twig and EQs complicated (and still broken) damage bonus system.

Plan for Mudflation. Today a 25th warrior is likely to me MUCH scarier (and more effective) than a 25th wizard--mudflation does not effect spells.

Make your stats open ended....EQ never thought it would go above 255 and apprently has had to do a lot of work to get around that.

I don't craft much--but having the name of the player who made the item is something I like.

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