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"Dragon Beard Oil - 100% Pure & Natural" - discuss
Comic Type: Angry Birds; World of Warcraft | Posted: Monday January 3rd, 2011 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
[fp]Without getting into a long laborious description of my beard, let me just say it's totally a "thing". It exists somewhere between Civil War General-y and Santa Claus-y. And, taking care of it is an absolute chore. I've been using a beard balm that let me tame it... a bit. But, I've been looking for an option to soften it. Enter Dragon Beard Oil.[/fp]

Dragon uses soy bean oil to soften and condition the beard, almond oil to help prevent breakage, and peppermint oil to revitalize your skin. That's it, three, all-natural ingredients. I'd like to have seen a more significant result. I'm guessing time and prolonged use might bare that hope out. And, I'm certain that my work environment is hampering the overall effect. So, it's most likely going to take me longer to really see the results.

I will say my beard does feel softer right after using Dragon Beard Oil. But, the same can be said after shampooing it. Though I prefer not applying anything with a scent to it to my face, I must say I love the peppermint smell. It makes me feel more invigorated. I just wish it lasted a little longer. Unfortunately, essential oils evaporate quickly, taking that peppermint smell with it. Though my beard does seem to stay tangle free for longer after using it.

The ONLY quibble I have with Dragon Beard Oil is that the black printing, on a clear bottle, filled with a slightly yellow oil, is difficult to read.

- Smells great
- A little goes a long way
- Seems to performs as promised

- Scent doesn't last
- Lasting effects appear cumulative rather than immediate
- Printing on the bottle is hard to read
- A bit pricey for 2 Oz.

Dragon Beard Oil is available from Amazon for $15.95. (at the time of this review)

This is not a paid review; the item was provided in exchange for a fair assessment.

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