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Comic for: January 3rd, 2011
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Angry Birds; World of Warcraft: "Distractions"
Posted: Monday January 3rd, 2011 by

While I've been spending my time in WoW, Taks has become smitten with a game for her phone called Angry Birds. It's straight forward and fairly simple. There's no real barrier to entry and replay value seems to be high. All of that together means "fun game". And where I wouldn't mind giving it a go, it's not extremely high on my gaming to-do list at the moment. If it was a mini-pet however...

Angry Birds is currently available for the iPhone, Android, and will be coming to the Playstation Network later this week. [more info]


I only have one commission left on my plate. So, if you've been considering getting one and would like to jump in before another line forms, now's the time to send your requests. You can grab more information on the Commissions Page. [more info]

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