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"Must be one of those low points..." - discuss
Comic Type: Everquest II | Posted: Tuesday September 25th, 2007 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Well, last time I was here, I was complainin' about girl troubles, work stress, and other crap. Since then, the girl dumped me (and still has my hoodie, though she can keep it), my sister has not gotten any better with money, and I quit my job cause I couldn't handle their crap anymore. I did, however, graduate from high school, help my friends out, and even started physical therapy for my shoulder (my dad's job insurance stuff changed to cover it finally). Things were looking all right until roughly thirteen days ago.

I was helping put a tin roof on the house with my dad remarking that I was doomed if I ever had to do construction when my brother comes home with Rock Band for Wii. Sweet right? Well, my sister had borrowed said Wii a week before with all my games and shtuff. We (My brother and I) ask for it back and she tells me that it was in her house and her boyfriend's brother (I am lead to believe it's actually his son) was home so I could stop by and pick it up and that it was even in a box in the living room for me since she was going to bring it back after she got off work. We get there and the kids playing his 360 and my Wii was not there. I checked the whole house and even cleaned a little looking for it, but no avail. My bro gives her a call and she gives me another excuse that she must have left it in her car, which her boyfriend was using that day. She tells us she'll bring it back that night, but she never shows.

Next day rolls around and I was as angry as a rhino covered in bees. When I get that angry, I'm not a nice person, so I let my bro talk to her for me as I finish up the roof. When he comes home from work that night he lets me know that she "lost it." She had managed to lose roughly $700 worth of stuff in a day. I didn't believe it for a second, which I will say is not the right think for me to speculate such, but she has borrowed $400 from my brother to help pay off her creditors. Hell, they don't answer the phone because they're afraid it might be their creditors. As angry as I was, I managed to calm down enough to tell my mom that next time my sister called to get it back by the time I came home from Florida.

The stuff that happened over my stay in Florida were pretty bad, but that has all been taken care of. I would talk about it, but one problem at a time, eh?

Anywho, when I get back, I find out that no one has heard from my sister since I left. The rest of my family is kind of just letting the problem lie until my sister comes forward, and I know that even if I go and track her butt down, I'm not getting my stuff back nor any money for it.

Any suggestions?

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