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"Well, MADD is at least respectful..." - discuss
Comic Type: Age of Conan | Posted: Tuesday August 28th, 2007 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Apparently Mothers Against Drunk Driving have requested that GTA4 be re-marked as an "Adult Only" rated game, and have also asked Rockstar to pull the game from shelves "Out of respect for the many who have died as a result of drunk driving"

Now unfortunately I can't directly copy the full news article, plagiarism and all, so don't take "quotes" as sarcastic. I find their approach fairly intelligent, respectful and pretty much lacking the usual belligerence that...follows Grand Theft Auto outcries.

Just a few holes in their logic I think, The Mature rating and Adult Only rating only vary by one year (17+ and 18+) Now this will obviously lower parents probability of buying the game for their 14 year old bouncing boy, which is actually a good thing, even though gaming stores already card people no matter their age if the game is rated M or above.

As for pulling the game out of respect for the many who have died as a result of drunk driving...if alcohol companies don't pull liquor from shelves out of respect of those who died as a result of drunk driving...why is a gaming company about to do it? Not to be insulting or anything, but aim a bit higher just maybe if you want to save lives, if someone gets drunk and drives in GTA 4, fake people die at worst. If someone gets drunk while playing GTA 4, they look like idiots. If someone gets drunk in real life and drives its a whole different game, pardon the pun

Any other comments? Lets leave raving lawyers out of this please.

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