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Comic for: December 11th, 2018
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Idle Champions: "Dumbass"
Posted: Tuesday December 11th, 2018 by Woody

To celebrate the release of Idle Champions on Xbox and Playstation, Codename Entertainment has put forward a handsome piece of DLC that includes 42 chests (w/ 5 guaranteed shinies), 5K gems, Epic Potions and Bounties, a 1 week gem buff, a beholder familiar, and an undead skin for Celeste.

Now, 42 is a lot of gold chests. So I went through my non even Champions and realized they're all already in Epic Gear. So, all I'd really be getting out of the chests were shinies and potions. After I'd already pulled the trigger and opened them all, I decided to use the unmitigated power of Warden to finally unlock Azaka. I didn't even think about her being a non-Event champion until after I unlocked her, saw all the empty gear slots, and processed that there weren't any Azaka specific chests to attain through campaigns.

A dumbass is me.

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