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Comic for: November 16th, 2016
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World of Warcraft: "PokeWoW Go!"
Posted: Wednesday November 16th, 2016 by

The only reason I'm playing Legion is because a Blizzard employee let me use their discount to buy the game, and then they used their BlizzardBucks to gift me a one year subscription. Now, at that time Pokemon Go was still a big thing. This was the first joke that came to mind. And, I swore I would do this comic. Unfortunately, that was also right in the middle of my Cintiq dying. So, it got delayed. Then I disappeared from the comic for months while my "real job" ate up most of my free time. This is me finally fulfilling the promise I made. And, we'll see if any more WoW jokes are forthcoming. I wrote down quite a few. But, looking back on them, they're a bit spoiler-y. **shrugs, if I get stuck for material I might just roll with it anyway.

So, what's my opinion of Legion?, you might be asking. I like it. Moreso than Mists, moreso than Warlords. To be honest, it might be my favorite expansion yet. I just wish my guildies were around to share the time with me. I get so many more joke ideas that way. One of my frustrations with the expansion however is the level scaling across the board. You can go to whatever zone you want when you're leveling, in whatever order you want. The mobs scale up as you level. Now, on the surface that's cool. But I love being able to return to zones, after I've leveled up, to lay waste to mobs that are now far beneath me. I really miss that. World quests though? I don't think I could give them a bigger thumbs up.

Note: I don't do dungeons or raids. So those of you that DO may have a different response to the expansion. I'm curious to hear what you think about that aspect of the game.

What about you guys? Anyone playing Legion? What do you think?

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