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Comic for: July 18th, 2015
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Star Citizen: "Don't Hold Me To That"
Posted: Saturday July 18th, 2015 by

I remember seeing Star Citizen on Kickstarter "forever" ago. I also remember it funding all to hell and back. A private crowdfunding effort, plus the Kickstarter campaign, plus additional digital item sales in the two years since has provided an $85 million cash injection for the project. Lately though, contributors have begun to grow weary of the amount of time the game is taking, and Cloud Imperium Games' community guy, Ben Lesnick, has had to tamp down claims of the game development had been delayed indefinitely. There's even been a push by segments of the Star Citizen community to demand refunds. So, it amuses me, when asked about module release date clarifications, that Chris Roberts -in an interview with Gamers Nexus- extended the delivery date in the middle of extending the delivery date. [more info]

Now, I have no horse in the race; so really, I'm just reporting. What I will say is that, despite the delays, I pretty confident the game will be released... eventually. But, I'm also just going to ahead and say I think, despite Lesnick's assertions, that Star Marine (the FPS module) will be delayed by months. This isn't a slam or a poke at CIG. I think it's just the nature of the business. One little thing goes wonky in the polish phase and you find yourself suddenly pushing the timetable by a few weeks.

Though, I'll not be purchasing the game myself, I know there are a LOT of gamers eagerly waiting on it. And I would LOVE, for their sake, for CIG to prove me wrong.

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