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Comic for: May 2nd, 2014
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World of Warcraft: "Cheadle"
Posted: Friday May 2nd, 2014 by

My brain doesn't exactly function in a manner that's always conducive to my air of cool. I've seen too many movies, watched too many YouTube videos, been subjected to too many memes. And rather than store useful information in a manner that's easy to recall when needed, like numbers, people's faces, my brain holds onto to little tidbits of information to be called up tangentially in the moment. The result is often my friends looking at me like there's something scribbled on my forehead in sharpie before "getting it" a couple of minutes later. That doesn't mean it's funny to them, by the way; it just means they just processed "what I did there".

In this particular case no one else was around. It was just me and my randomness, and I said it anyway. Just floated a completely unassociated, social rights reference out into the warcraft world. I prefer not to blame myself though; I prefer to blame Basher, Don Cheadle's character in Ocean's 11-13. In the first film he tells the crew they're in Barney... Barney Rubble... Trouble. That's the kind of thing that sticks with me and makes me a comedic pariah to my "friends".

So why the Tutu?
For those of you that haven't played WoW in a while, patch 5.1 introduced item level upgrades for items of iLevel 458 and higher. Each upgrade slot raises the iLevel and stats of the item. If the item is upgraded entirely, it appears in your character info as "Upgrade Level: 2/2". So, my moment of obtuse celebration was sally-ed forth by having finally upgraded all of my gear to "2/2".

And now that we've come full circle, I need to figure out what trivial personal achievement to pursue next.

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