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Comic for: February 28th, 2014
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Minecraft: "The Movie"
Posted: Friday February 28th, 2014 by

So the Lego Movie was a thing that people really liked, apparently. Dunno. Haven't seen it yet. In the wake of that success Warner Bros. is hot on the trail of bringing Minecraft to the big screen. [more info] I guess it doesn't hurt that one of the producers of the Lego Movie, Roy Lee, is going to produce the Minecraft movie via his prodction company, Vertigo Entertainment. I guess the part that confuses me is that it's going to be live action rather than animated like it's Lego Movie brethren.

Personally I love Minecraft, so does theBoy. And the licensed products that have come market have been pretty awesome. The boy has a foam Diamond Sword and Axe, a costume Creeper head, a pocket sized plush Enderman, four articulated Minecraft action figures, a larger Steve* action figure in full diamond armor, Minecraft posters, and Minecraft tshirts. Hell he even has 24 hand-painted 10x10x10" cardboard boxes that I painted to resemble certain blocks from the game. I made these because he asked to have a Minecraft themed birthday party. Taks made a birthday cake based on the the cake from in game, cake pop creeper heads, hard candy to represent some of the things you can mine, etc. etc. etc. I guess what I'm getting at here is that when/if this movie is released... we'll be seeing it. Though, I suspect (like the licensed products) the cost of admission will be be several dollars more than I expected it to be when I decided to buy it. <-- Joking. But, not really. All that shit is expensive.

* (the name of the default character you play Minecraft)


Ughh! Needy Freakin' Website... AGAIN

The GU coffers are a bit empty again and the server bill is due today; so, I could use some commission work stat. Or, donations if you prefer, just keep in mind that I prefer to work for my money. So if you donate, you can at any time give me the transaction ID of your donation and that will be applied toward the cost of a commission. If you'd like to contribute but are feeling oofy about sending cash via PayPal, GU does have it's own little Amazon Wishlist of current (and some ongoing) office needs.

So if you'd like to help out, here are the links to do so...

Commissions | Donate | GU's Office Wishlist And yes, I'm considering Patreon.

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