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Comic for: January 29th, 2014
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Anti-Dipshit Avenger: "King of Nothing"
Posted: Wednesday January 29th, 2014 by

I once told my mom that Farmville was a virus, then Candy Crush Saga came out. But, apparently King.com learned nothing from Zynga's dipshittery. They're making all the same mistakes. If there's one thing a developer simply has to be aware of these days it's that gamers tend not to abide corporate bullying especially if the actions are just plain damn dumb.

I know the comic says "trying", but they have already managed to trademark the word "Candy" as it applies to game apps. Approval of the trademark filing was awarded January 15th, and they're already accusing the developer of All Candy Slots of trademark infringement. The trademark trolling doesn't stop there though; on January 21st they opposed Stoic's attempt to trademark "The Banner Saga" because it includes the word "saga" - even though King.com's attempt to trademark the word "saga" has been suspended. Trademark trolling isn't enough though. Now they're trying to white wash the fact that they commissioned Pac-Avoid, a near direct clone of Stolen Goose's popular Scamperghost. King.com removed Pac-Avoid amid the cloning allegations, but looking at their catalogue of games it seems to me that they need to remove a lot more. Bubble Witch Saga is a knockoff of Bust-A-Move. Papa Pear Saga is a knock off of Peggle. Candy Crush Saga is a knockoff of Bejeweled. And it goes on and on.

Now, I'm not saying King.com is the only game developer doing this. A LOT of jackasses clone and knockoff popular games in an effort to make a quick buck. But if analysts are wondering why "Social Network Games" are shedding millions of players a month, they need look no further than the bullshit tactics of companies like King.com.

Anti-Dipshit Avenger... AWAY!

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