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Comic for: August 7th, 2013
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The Life of Ted!: "Safe Not Sound"
Posted: Wednesday August 7th, 2013 by

I can say that in all my years of travel I've never felt truly lost. I tend to have a decent (though not stellar) sense of direction. And on the few occasions where I've made a wrong turn, it ended up not being significant. In a big city, because of one way streets and such, it's a little easier to end up taking an unintended detour. So, I usually print off directions before I go across town. Doesn't always help if you forget to make note of said one way streets though.

I've heard stories from friends about taking a wrong turn and ending up in a different state before they realized it, winding up 80 miles out of the way. Or worse, used landmarks to make a decision about which way to turn on a highway split and driving in the wrong direction for an hour before getting a clue that convinced them to stop and look at a map. These days with "smart" phones it's so much easier to just hop in the car and go. But, I dislike "smart" phones so much, I'd plan my trips on a map anyway.

I will admit though, my first year of college, I never drove home and then back to school exactly the same way twice. This was NOT intentional. Let's just say driving the backroads of Georgia can be an adventure.

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