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Comic for: April 24th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "The Easy Sell"
Posted: Tuesday April 24th, 2012 by

The Valve Employee Handbook leaked to the net a few days ago and I dug it. [more info] Now, I certainly didn't need any more motivation to want to work at a company like Valve, but that approach to an employee handbook is clever.

We have to keep in mind though, Ted enjoys the attention GU brings him: getting recognized at the local game stores, people offering to buy him IceCream at Baskin Robins, etc. So me running off to do something else isn't high on his "want" list.

That being said, I don't think I've ever worked anywhere I was actually given an employee handbook. You guys?


January was an unfortunate month in game advertising from my ad provider, and that is the revenue whirlwind I'm currently reaping. So if you guys wouldn't mind buying some Original Artwork, subscribing to the Fancast, sponsoring a Daily Doodle, or Donating, I'd appreciate any/all of them. Thanks for the support as always guys.

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