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Comic for: December 25th, 2010
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Christmas 2010: "Smacktalk"
Posted: Saturday December 25th, 2010 by

And Santa, son of Claus son of Kringle son of Nicholas, did speak smack talk unto Jesus. And lo did Jesus retort.

Before any of you accuse me of blasphemy, it's nothing Jesus hasn't said before. Well except that I added in "of" because it sounded a bit more biblical.

Now quit reading this silly site and go enjoy your holiday or your weekend whichever one is more relevant.

--- update ---

Both people who like and do not like the comic have been asking a similar question: What brought this on?

To answer, it was an extension -at least in my mind- to the Friday comic. Santa playing games with his friends/rivals. And with most games between friends there's some smack talking going on. The comic just kind of occurred to me Friday night. And I thought it might amuse you guys and maybe make up for taking last Friday off. So, I worked until nearly 5am to get it done (before getting up at 8 the next morning for presents and eating with the family).

Where I admit the comic may be a touch irreverent, it is not meant in any way to be disrespectful. I also spoke with my mom about it last night. She's a long-time, devout Christian. She said she didn't think it was distasteful and agreed that if Jesus lived to today he might very well tell someone to bite him (as a rebuke). I've read the bible myself -some parts a few times- and I remember humor, frustration, civility, compassion, charisma, and even anger in the descriptions offered of Jesus. Though I sincerely believe that if he lived and walked on the planet today, he'd be too busy trying to spread a message of love and compassion to sit down and play video games.

So there you have it. The intention was to carry the same basic response from Friday to Saturday through the two figures most closely associated with the Christmas Holiday.

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