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Comic for: October 28th, 2010
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Gaming News: "Steve vs. Steve"
Posted: Thursday October 28th, 2010 by

For some odd reason, 10 years after the fact, former vice president of games publishing for Microsoft, Ed Fries, decided to share a story about how Steve Jobs was "mad" when Microsoft announced that they would be buying Bungie back in 2000. If you're confused, Bungie developed primarily for the Mac pre-Halo. [more info] As the story goes Jobs called Ballmer, expressed his grumpiness and Fries was instructed to calm Jobs down. **shrugs**

So where do I start with the explanation of this comic? Initially I was going to draw it. But in grabbing reference photos I found that image from panel 5 of Jobs contorting himself and just couldn't resist a change in artistic direction. A few more image searches and I was good to go.

And the next question I bet is "why Tootsie Roll"? Well back when I was a kid Tootsie Rolls were always the last candy in the bag. Understanding my own bias, I asked Taks what her least favorite Halloween candy was. Same response. It's not that they taste bad. It's just that they were never the best tasting thing in the bag... to us at least.

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