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Comic for: October 7th, 2010
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Gaming News: "Free Isn't Always Free"
Posted: Thursday October 7th, 2010 by

Tooling around this morning I read an article stating that some gamers were in an uproar because Best Buy wants to charge them for Firmware updates to the PS3. Now let me make that part clear just in case it came across as confusing. Some gamers, who own PS3s, are angry because Best Buy is selling some the units with the latest firmware update already installed for an additional $30. These people were further grumpified that Best Buy was unapologetic about the policy.[more info]

Now I'm going to upset some people here so give me a wide berth just in case I combust. Whining about this is stupid. If you don't want the unit with the firmware update installed for an additional $30, don't freakin' buy it. And stop calling it exploitation because firmware updates are "free and easy to install". It is a paid service no different than if I took my PS3 to them after I bought it and asked them to do the firmware update for me.

And yes, I'm fully aware that part of the issue extends from these angry gamers seeing this as Best Buy preying on the ignorance of their customers. Seriously, those people need to have their ignorance preyed upon. The first time I bought a car I paid way too much for it because I went into the sale ignorant. I learned my lesson.

In short, if you walk into a store and see a computer, console, whatever being sold for more than it's retail value, find out why. Ask questions. Then walk out of the store and go google it. Figure out for yourself if you want to pay the premium or not.

Sorry about the mini rant.

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