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Comic for: September 27th, 2010
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Gaming News: "Pokemon Sales"
Posted: Monday September 27th, 2010 by

There's very little doubt that a Pokemon title is going to do well the first week of its release in Japan. So little doubt in fact one must wonder why anyone would release their game at the same time as a Pokemon iteration in the land of the rising sun.

For the sake of reference, Pokemon Black and White for the DS was release 9/18 in Japan and in the first week of sales it moved 2,557,770 units. Halo Reach managed 44,413 in Japan. Which, believe it or not, as a 360 exclusive is actually pretty good. [more info] Stormhaven and I just find the disparity between sales of Reach in the US vs. Japan very interesting.

I haven't played Reach, but Stormy has... A LOT. So if you want a breakdown of the game, how it plays, how it compares to previous Halo titles, etc. You'll have to wait for her to comment.

In the meantime though, I encourage those of you that are playing Reach to talk about it. And we don't discriminate here, so if there's anyone from Japan that wants to talk about Pokemon Black and White, please feel free.

*Pokemon Black and White is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release in the US.

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