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Comic for: September 9th, 2010
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Heavy Rain / Dead Rising 2: "Spamming Buttons"
Posted: Thursday September 9th, 2010 by

From what I could tell Stormhaven played the Dead Rising 2 pre-release DLC 'Case Zero' quite a bit. So it wasn't surprising to get a DR2 comic idea from her. But the idea had a bit of a twist to it in that it was a DR2/Heavy Rain mash-up. Let me explain:

Some of you might be familiar with Heavy Rain. It's the PS3 exclusive "drama" title that many gamers pointed to as an example of "games as art". Personally I don't agree, but that's a different writeup. In the beginning of the game the lead character is searching for his son, so you guide him around a mall being prompted to spam the X button to call out his name: Jason.

In the Dead Rising series you occasionally get tasked with escort missions where you guide other non-zombies to relative safety. In order to keep everyone close/together you spam the Y button to deliver "hurry up" style messages.

If you're familiar with those two games, or at least the gameplay mechanics explained above, you get the basic idea: what if the lead characters from Heavy Rain and Dead Rising 2 met? Well in the world of making ideas mesh these two tie together in the "spamming buttons" category. Chuck (the guy from Dead Rising 2) is trying to lead Ethan (the guy from Heavy Rain) to safety. Ethan is still looking for Jason. But you can only hear him say it a few hundred times before you want to duct tape him and leave him to the zombies.

The Case Zero DLC is available now. Dead Rising 2 is scheduled for release later this month for the PC, PS3, and 360.

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