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Comic for: September 1st, 2010
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Xbox Live: "Everyone's On"
Posted: Wednesday September 1st, 2010 by

When Stormhaven and I were discussing the Kinect/Controller Add-on comic, she mentioned that she would also like to do a comic about logging on to Xbox Live, seeing there were a bunch of friends on but realizing they were all watching Netflix.

Now, I thought it was a fine idea because 80% of the time my 360 is on, I'm using it to watch stuff from my Netflix Instant Queue. I don't have a cable box for the TV by my desk, so I use Netflix via XBL to keep me company. I don't really watch it so much as use it for the background noise while I work.

So how many of you ruin a perfectly good evening of team co-op game play by burying yourself eyeball deep in a two star rated piece of crap because "hey, at least you're not paying for it"?


Now last night I thought this comic would be easy art wise. I figured I'd just grab an image of the "My Friends" screen online, make a few modifications, slap on the scan lines, and Blam! done. No such luck. Apparently that's not something a lot of people are interested in looking at. So many different google searches turned up nothing. I ended up having to fake the My Friends screen instead. Sure at first glance it looks accurate. But careful comparison will show that I just recreated the graphics as close as I could.

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