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Comic for: August 3rd, 2010
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Shark Week 2010: "Street Fighter IV"
Posted: Tuesday August 3rd, 2010 by

So the idea for GU's approach to Shark Week is simple: pick a game, insert shark(s), delight in the resultant carnage. Sure it has nothing to do with conservation and really is just an excuse to draw fun pictures. But I think this particular assessment holds true. If you replace Ryu in the Street Fighter series with a blackbelt wearing Great White, his special attacks are most likely going to involve some form of nibbling his opponents.

After watching a good number of fight videos, seeing the amount of over-the-top damage the combatants absorb, I get the distinct feeling that biting the other guy in half wouldn't be enough to kill him. He'd hit the ground with a good few kicks still left in him. Eeek out a win. And regrow his upper half in time for the second bout.

Well, at least that's probably how it would happen for me. I'm horrible at these games, random-button-mashing horrible. I just don't seem to be equipped to process what's going on in time to actually execute an effective combo. "Dude, why do you keep ducking?" "I have no idea, now stand still so I can kick you." **continues ducking**

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