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Comic for: July 20th, 2010
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Woody & Ted: "Square One"
Posted: Tuesday July 20th, 2010 by

When Stormhaven first introduced this idea to me, the tv show based video game she requested was Mathman. But I wasn't completely sold on it. And I'm glad I wasn't. Because Mathnet was her second suggestion, and the introduction of the dialogue wheel was brilliant I think.

I asked what TV game she'd encountered that brought this idea to the surface. The answer? Grey's Anatomy. Now I've not played the game so I don't want to pass any judgment on the game itself. If you've played it, please feel free to share your experiences. But, I do believe that some things just don't need to be translated into games.

This "Mathnet: the Game" idea though; that I can get behind. Of course like any good translation it would completely bastardize the source material. Film Noir style black and white, Sin City-esque splashed of color (a requirement for those classic Mathnet blue blazers), a Mass Effect style dialogue wheel, and the death of Hestor Phestor! (I had to google tube Mathnet's least favorite bad guy to get that name.)

So, trying to avoid being serious as much as possible, what TV show would you like to see get mangled in a -to-game translation?

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