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Comic for: July 16th, 2010
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The Guild: "Stormhaven's Motivation"
Posted: Friday July 16th, 2010 by

There's a word for how Stormy and I collaborate. That word is circuitous. The text from the comic is almost word for word what was said in discussing a potential comic idea. But the truth tree's roots grow much deeper.

Three days ago, Stormy asked me simply "how do you feel about The Guild". I explained that I had initially dismissed it. But, after watching the first three "seasons" on Netflix, I'd found it to be amusing.

After a brief WoW tangent, she asked "would ted be likely to dress up as either Codex or Bladez from the Guild?" I parried cleverly with an unassociated series of comments about yet another comic idea we'd discussed. In the course of finally bringing this comic to fruition we discussed a couple more comic ideas, a documentary I'd watched about Marijuana, the possibility of the Joaquin Phoenix playing the Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie, traffic spikes on the site, bulging capacitors (which I believe to be wreaking havoc on my monitors), and then finally back to the Guild comic idea, Happy Feet (the penguin movie), grammar, drunk professors, back to the comic idea, a necropheliac, pill-popping, lesbian penguin, with a furry fetish, the Ding! 2010 panel, singing doughnuts, a Where's Waldo style idea that smooshes all the "weird shit" we've said to each other into one giant poster, monitors, desks, power tools, uses for a dremel tool, then back to the penguin suit.

I wish I could just link you guys to the conversation itself. It really is a thing of beauty, chock full of mascot face holes, google tubes, rubber bondage (adhering rubber items together you perverts), making millions with stupid shirt ideas, videos of "hic furt"ing cats, etc etc etc. And let's not forget it spanned three days.

Like I said, circuitous.

NOTE: I had to de-epicfy this writeup. It was much, MUCH longer.

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