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Comic for: June 30th, 2010
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Fat Gamers: "Orthorexia Nervosa"
Posted: Wednesday June 30th, 2010 by

Yesterday I was dumping yet another hour into coloring the comic, I begged Stormy for a "simple" comic. One panel. Something easy. This doesn't really fit within those guidelines. But it was simple and funny enough for me to get behind.

That being said, the idea of classifying "obsessive" healthy eating as a medical disorder is ridiculous to me. I mean, how can eating healthy be a bad thing? Looking the "disorder" up it's not the obsession with healthy eating or fear over food preparation that is the actual problem. The "disorder" is characterized by a desire to "feel pure, healthy, and natural".

Well in my narrow vision of the world, pushing for a medical classification for THIS... is stupid. Not because I feel eating healthy is inherently "not bad". But rather because the actual manifestations are other, more valid, diseases.

As a gamer, I admittedly have no such compunction to limit my intake to only that which may make me feel pure. As a matter of fact sometimes I actually like eating stuff I know will ultimately leave me feeling like crap. Sodas with HFCS and foods with HFCS or MSG actually upset my stomach to a noticeable degree. But dammit... they're so tasty.

Now before any of you give me crap about my depiction of fat gamers, please make note of four things. One, the comic is based on an exact description Stormy game me. Two, I'm overweight myself. Not to this degree but still. Three, I don't buy into the notion that gamers are slovenly, obese shut-ins that refuse to partake of anything that is not self-gratifying. And four, studies have shown that, on average, gamers are much more fit than the general public.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go snack on some Lays "All Natural" Sour Cream & Onion chips and drink this no-HFCS soda. It's not going to consume itself while I play video games after all.

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