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Comic for: June 4th, 2010
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Guest Strip: "Manufacturer's Note"
Posted: Friday June 4th, 2010 by

Stormhaven strip #4. Color me impressed. No other guest strip submitter has made four in a row before. I'm fairly sure Garth and Larom from Comedity, back in the day, managed three.

Here's what Stormy had to say about this strip:
This strip came about because I could have sworn I was better at Street Fighter than I appeared to be when i started playing SFIV upon release. Obviously the problem was not me, but the XBox controller. Therefore I forked over the $100+ for the Mad Catz Street Fighter Tournament Joystick (yes, I paid money for a Mad Catz peripheral) in order to redeem myself. The joystick itself was a very nice hunk of machinery - very solid, very smooth and it had a great tactile responsiveness. Unfortunately the amount it helped my game? 0%.

I did not throw my controller into my TV (I love my TV too much), but darn it I would be lying if I didn't say I didn't think about it...


It's becoming almost old hat to say "Thank You Stormhaven". But, "Thank You Stormhaven!" You can read the rest of Stormhaven's GU Guest strips here: The Reciprocity of St. Stormhaven.

And if one of you wants to relive Stormhaven and send in a guest stip of your own, just grab the template from GU Assets and send me an email when you're done.

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