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Comic for: May 26th, 2010
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Google Pac-Man: "The Evil Plan"
Posted: Wednesday May 26th, 2010 by

Friday and Saturday of last week Google replaced the logo on their main page with a playable version of Pac-Man, using the shape of their logo as part of the playable level. The idea was to celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary since it's release in Japan. The result, based on the findings of work-monitoring software developer Rescue Time, was a lost of 4.8 million "man hours" or an estimated $120 Million in lost productivity. [more info]

The Pac-Man Tribute game was so popular, Google has since given it its own page on their site:

I played the game once myself. It just reminded me how terrible I am it Pac-Man.

Thus far I haven't been able to find a response from Google to Rescue Time's claims. And really why should they respond. They can, and should, hide behind the idea that they are not responsible for an individual failing to use their time at work responsibly. But more importantly they don't want to accidentally reveal that their plan is to bring down the global economy.

That last part... just a guess.

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