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Comic for: May 21st, 2010
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ModNation Racers: "Why Penis?"
Posted: Friday May 21st, 2010 by

ModNation Racers is a highly customizable kart racing title for the PS3 and PSP scheduled to hit the shelves in just a few short days (5/25). And, I want it.

Sure I've heard there are some cheap wins and comebacks that are far too convenient. But, I've always enjoyed the Mario Kart series to which this game has been likened. And those games seemed to have their fair share of cheap wins and comebacks too. "What else does ModNation have going for it though?", you might ask. Well, it's all in the name "Mod"-Nation. That translates to customizable karts, tracks, and characters.

With such customization comes a particular kind of drawback, however. Just like with spore, expect to see penises everywhere. Tales from beta bear this out. It was limited to track designs as far as I can tell. But, leave it to jackasses (like me apparently) to figure out some way to reference a penis via the characters themselves. From the comic you can tell, I've already opened that door. Now we just have to wait until next Tuesday for people to start walking through.

Unfortunately, I'm still PS3-less; so, I won't be among that crowd. I do have a PSP, but it's been tucked away in a drawer somewhere. And, I'm not overly inclined to dig it out.

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