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Comic for: May 18th, 2010
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Red Dead Redemption: "Eyeballin' What?"
Posted: Tuesday May 18th, 2010 by

I've looked into Red Dead Redemption quite a few times. And it seems like every time I do, I want to play it more. If for no better reason than to support more western themed video games. Of course that desire and support can not stand up to my particular sense of humor. So you get a posse joke. And believe me, the title of this thread is entirely the truth. Every iteration of the joke I came up with was more racey than the last.

I won't share them with you. And, I have to ask that you keep in mind that I consider this site to be PG-13 before you post your own.

Red Dead Redemption is a "free roam" action-adventure title set in the early 1900's American West. Redemption has a base storyline mode and a multiplayer option that supports up to 16 players online where players can form posses of up to 8 members to play together in the wide open environment. Rockstar has announced free co-op DLC coming to both the PS3 and 360 version of the game this June.

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