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Comic for: May 6th, 2010
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Super Mario Bros. Crossover: "Samus-O"
Posted: Thursday May 6th, 2010 by

About a week ago, I followed a link to a game on new grounds called Super Mario Bros. Crossover. The premise is simple, you can play in the world of the original 8-Bit Super Mario Bros. as Mario, Samus (Metroid), Link (Zelda), Mega Man, Simon (Castlevania) or Bill (Contra). Each character has it's own gameplay mechanics taken from their original games.

Well, since the game was posted to Newgrounds it has exploded across the gaming news sites. This morning I read an interview with the game's "author" which reminded me that I wanted to link you guys to it. It's easily worth the half hour or so you'll burn playing with it. So here you go: Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Warning: sound starts playing automatically.

As for the comic, I figured I'd twist the concept just a little bit more. And, of course, an 8-bit sprite comic is really quick/easy to make. A factor that's keenly appreciated right now, while we're still settling in. Especially since Taks and I will be moving the last bit of everything tomorrow so I need to get to work on another comic right now. Zoom off I go!

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