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Comic for: April 29th, 2010
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Doodle Jump: "Perverting the Cute"
Posted: Thursday April 29th, 2010 by

I was reading about this game that's blowing up on the iPhone and iPod Touch called Doodle Jump. In it, you're a four legged alien called a Doodler jumping ever upward from platform to platform. The game makes use of the two handheld devices' tilt feature to control where it is you're jumping. Game's over if you miss a platform and fall, bump into a monster, get sucked up by a black hole, or beamed up by a UFO.

I've not played the game, but it's reported as being highly addictive. The sales figures seem to bear those reports out. Doodle Jump has hit 4 million sales. At 99 cents a download the game's developer Lima Sky has made some notable bank off the rather simple game. [more info]

Of course, it's in my nature to question things. And I lack the moral cut off switch that keeps me from seeing perverted in the cute.

Seriously though, I wanted to talk about this little indie app game that is doing so well because it epitomizes that belief I hold so dear. Gameplay trumps all. Sure the game is "cute". But it's crudely drawn. That's part of it's charm. But like so many popcap games before it, the gameplay is easy yet engrossing.

I have no idea what's at the top of the platforms. And whether it's a naked Q*Bert or not makes no real difference to me. I just love that little games like this can thrive.

NOTE: clicking the link to the game above will open the iTunes Store.

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