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Comic for: April 1st, 2010
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Poopy Strip: "Mr. Wussypants"
Posted: Thursday April 1st, 2010 by

It seems like every year I'm forced to complain about gaming news sites participating in April Fool's by posting fake news in place of actually doing their jobs. I hate it. Not specifically because of the news posted ON 4/1. No, usually you can pick the 500 pieces of crap out and read the remaining 2 nuggets of truth.
Hmm... Check that. Rewrite:

No, usually you can pick the 2 nuggets of truth out of the 500 pieces of crap.
(There we go; less work, same result.)

The problem arises a week or so later when news regurgitators, such as Slashdot, accidentally pick up a 4/1 "joke" and mistake it for real news because, being a week or so out from 4/1, they forget it was posted on April Fools. Then the garbage news gets circulated again until someone catches on and points out the mistake.

All that whining aside, there are some sites that "do it right". ThinkGeek, for example. They add joke items to their site each year. Unfortunately for we gamers they are often so well realized and so majestically on point that we end up REALLY wanted the items they joked about. Sometimes though, demand is so overwhelming that ThinkGeek caves and actually manages to bring the item to market. Go look up the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag and the 8-Bit Tie that Iggy is (intentionally) wearing in the comic. This year ThinkGeek is offering the iCade, a mini Arcade Cabinet that you slide your iPad into so you can play Retro Arcade Games, in nostalgic fashion, on your desk top.

But "good" April Fool's pranks, like what ThinkGeek does, are few and far between. So I think rather than getting all uptight and pissy each year, I should just take the day off. Like an official GU Holiday or something.

Your thoughts?

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