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Comic for: March 30th, 2010
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Breach: "What's Important"
Posted: Tuesday March 30th, 2010 by

So a story blasted out across the gaming news universe this morning about a kid at PAX East who was arrested after plugging his laptop into an exposed ethernet cable at the Atomic Games booth. The purpose of his action? To steal the code for Breach so that he and his friends could play the game together before release.
Source: Joystiq [ more info ]

The mind boggles. Not that this kid WOULD do it. Pshh no! If you have your game running on a non-secure network at a convention loaded full of tech savvy gamers, someone is bound to do it. What I can't understand is how this kid is able to walk. To try to steal the game ON the show floor, while boldly proclaiming that he was doing so, then openly admitting his intent to share the game with friends? His balls much be the size boulders. That... or his intelligence stops at using computers and this guy is just batshit crazy.

Now from my perspective, having read not nice things about the quality of the Breach demo Atomic was running at PAX East, I can only see this as a positive thing for the game. Press about the theft isn't focussed on the demo's quality, so it easily overshadows any negative response and leaves gamers to think "hmmm the game must be good if someone was willing to risk jail time to steal it".

Well, before any of you latch on to that notion I'd like to point out that earlier at PAX this same kid addressed members of the XBox Live team during a Q&A session centering on policy enforcement asking if he could get his Live account unbanned. When asked why the account had been banned in the first place, this kid openly admitted that he played Forza 3 before its release date. Since gamers aren't banned for playing games they received because a store broke release date, this kid was basically admitting that he had acquired a copy of the game illegally and was attempting to play it on a modded 360.

Like I said earlier either balls the size of boulders or batshit crazy.
Read the joystiq article I cited as source above. Decide for yourself.

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