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Comic for: March 1st, 2010
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Star Trek Online: "Bandwagon"
Posted: Monday March 1st, 2010 by

Looking at the Atari website there's an update noting that before 9pm PST on Wednesday March 3rd you can buy the standard edition Star Trek Online from them for $10 off and get an "extra 60 days" play time. [more info] With the collector's edition you get free shipping and the extra 60 days. This offer comes only one month after the game's release. The result is a group of angry folks who already bought the game are calling foul and demanding the extra 60 days themselves.

So here's where I get myself in trouble...
I think it's kid of silly for folks to demand the 60 days because they bought the game before March 3rd. Presumably people bought the game when they wanted at a price they though was fair with the standard 30 day window before a subscription sets in. Sure this deal is a little close to the "release day adopter" cuff. But, if these folks bought what they wanted, when they wanted it, at a price they thought was fair, how can they possibly feel entitled to more just because of the timing of the offer? Would they have crossed their arms, huffed, and puffed if this had happened 3 month out from release? 6 months?

That being said I think it's horribly short sighted for Atari/Cryptic to have made this deal so close to release. Any Marketing/PR person worth their salt HAD to know that this was going to result in some very vocal fall out.

Now, I'm not playing the game; so, I don't really have a dog in this particular fight. But I have this feeling that I'm going to regret the next sentence.

Do you think the folks that already bought the game are entitled to the extra 60 days?

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing an "8-Bit Fighter" shirt from SplitReason.Com.

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