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Comic for: February 5th, 2010
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EverQuest: "A Request"
Posted: Friday February 5th, 2010 by

My intent here is not to stir the animosity pot, but rather... I really want to help. Since I started playing EQ again two months ago, I've tried to pay close attention to the games needs. What is it that keeps EQ from being that mighty power we once knew it to be?

Well being an artsy guy my first response is graphics. Then again, for the same reason, my first response is ALWAYS graphics. Sure the game would benefit from a graphics overhaul. But, that's a bit of an extreme and isn't really necessary to showcase the game's value.

I've become a sucker for maps in my years playing MMOGs. Something pretty proccupies me, even when it doesn't completely give me the information I'm looking for. The maps currently in game are made up of lines and arrows and dots. It expresses no feeling; captures no sense of adventure. Like the UI in general is a utilitarian application. Don't mistake me here I'm not trying to promote form over function. But a little bit of form never hurts right?

And the UI, man where do I start? Like EQ maps, the default UI is exceedingly stark. Though it's highly customizable it just isn't very user friendly. And if you do manage to come up with something marginally pretty to look at it's going to be broken next patch. I really feel that EQ would benefit tremendously from a more intuitive UI that's not quite so bland. And I certain don't think there needs to be frills on every corner. Ughh no. That stuff drives me nuts to.

Now, I know times are tight. Resources are limited. But the people still playing this game are dedicated. Why not use them to help with the task? I know I'd be happy to help however I could. So what do we do? Contact your friends in game, folks that use to play, the leaders of the communities you visit. Ask them to let SOE know we really need to get these things improved and we're willing to what it takes to help get it done.

"Woody Dammit", you might be saying. "I don't want an Easy Mode bunch of garbage slapped onto my Hardcore game." Fine, nothing wrong with that opinion. It just means we need you to work with us to keep it in check. Let us know what we need to express as "optional" additions. Things that can be turned off.

Now, honestly do I expect this plea to change anything? No. GU doesn't have the pull in the EQ Community that it used to have. But if everyone starts spreading the word, it should help. And maybe, just maybe, if we help make the game a little bit kinder to new subscribers and people considering a return to the game, we'll see a population resurgence that will help make everything else surrounding the game easier as well.

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